Dancing With Our Stars Winners

Congratulations to our winners!


2019 People’s Choice Award: Meredith Mitchell & Michael Ulloa

2019 Judges’ Choice Award: Cory Fleming & Marielle Richardson

2019 Best Costume Award: Lee Levesque & Megan Howe



2018 People’s Choice Award: Katie Godowns & Shykeem Gardner

2018 Judges’ Choice Award: Abby Mitchell & Kimani Brown-Carpenter

2018 Best Costume Award: Tony Cuevas & Casey Frymir

2018 Alumni Choice Award: Karen Wyman & Topher Maraffi



2017 Judges’ Choice Award: Dr. Claude Tolbert and Nicole McGough

2017 People’s Choice Award: Tracey Denise Robinson and Topher Maraffi

Emcees Katie Huebel and Jesse Gavigan