Event: Over 18: A Documentary About Porn


Over 18: A Documentary About Porn

Magazines and video rental stores aren’t on kids’ radar at all anymore. Porn is on their cell phone in their pocket. It’s on their iPad in their backpack. It’s at home on their laptop. And the mainstream porn of today isn’t just pictures on a screen – it’s HD and 4K videos that are getting more and more violent. Today, the only gatekeeper keeping children from accessing adult content is an inconsequential “Are You Over 18” button.

“Over 18” is a powerful documentary by a young Canadian filmmaker about the growing epidemic of heavy porn exposure, especially in children and youth. It discusses the prevalence & accessibility of online porn as well as effects such as addiction and the damage porn use can cause including the objectification and abuse of women and children.

While the film talks about mature subject matter (recommended viewing 16 plus) the material is NOT gratuitous or triggering. It does however, provide material that is helpful to open up the discussion between parents (& grandparents) and tweens & teens about a topic that is often uncomfortable. The presentation also provides resources for anyone struggling with this issue.

The event is free but seating is limited. Please register at eventbrite.

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