Exchange Parent Aide

Why CAPA’s Exchange Parent Aide Program?

We understand that parenting can be a challenge. We are here to help.

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What Happens During a Home Visit

  • Discuss parenting issues that are important to YOU.
  • Learn ways to help your baby/child’s development.
  • Create a monthly budget to better manage your finances, improve credit, and save for the future, no matter what your current income is.
  • Develop a routine that can get the family fed, bathed, and put to bed in a timely manner.
  • Set goals for yourself and for your family. Your Parent Aide will walk you through each step to accomplish your goals.
  • Obtain support on how to handle tantrums.

A Parent Aide might be helpful to you if…

  • You are committed to meet with your Parent Aide once per week.
  • You want to become more confident and relaxed in your parenting.
  • You have full custody of child age 12 or younger (child must live in your home).
  • You are not actively abusing drugs or alcohol (you may be in recovery).

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