Lip Sync Challenge Entry

  • After clicking submit, you will be redirected to the auction page to pay the $10 entry fee. You will be also be able to purchase auction tickets if you have not already done so.



  1. All contestants must submit their song choice prior to November 5, 2015 to and be prepared to sing any 60-90 seconds of the song on the night of the Exchange Club Auction,November 14, 2015.
  2. The challenge will be conducted throughout the evening.
  3. Musical selections must not contain explicit lyrics or be offensive in any way.
  4. The entry fee for the contest is $10 per song (individual performance or group).
  5. Props are allowed and even encouraged.
  6. The winners will be determined by the amount of “monetary votes” the individual and or group receives in their respective jars the night of the auction. You will want to bring many friends to help vote!
  7. After the auction we ask that our attendees post their own lip sync video to their social media accounts while giving a donation to CAPA. In the video, we ask that they challenge three of their friends to do the same!
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