Community Outreach

CAPA offers a variety of programs to the community to help raise awareness about child abuse and its effects on the community.  For more information about CAPA’s outreach programs, please contact April Fletcher-Clark, Outreach Coordinator, at 843.524.4350 or

Elementary and Middle School Child Abuse Awareness and Peer Abuse/Violence Prevention
The Elementary school programs are for Pre-K through 5th grade students.  Using class discussion, videos (time permitting), and handouts, students will learn about child abuse and personal safety (a.k.a. good touch, bad touch), communicating their feelings, and getting along with others (violence prevention and peer abuse/bullying prevention).  Students will take a short pre and post test.

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Programs

CAPA is capable of offering these programs to youth in many types of settings including church youth groups, schools, community groups, and after-school programs.  All of these programs are offered free of charge.

  • Making A Difference! An Abstinence-Based Approach to Prevention of STDs, HIV and Teen Pregnancy
  • Making Proud Choices!  A Safer-Sex Approach to HIV/STDs and Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Safer Choices is a school-based, twenty-session HIV, STD, and pregnancy prevention program first developed by the Centers for Disease Control.    This is a science-based, proven effective program.
  • Faith-Based Sexuality Programs are available to your faith-based organization upon request.  Materials include lecture, videos, games, and group processing.  Ask about the Keeping the Faith/Keeping It Real program.

Domestic Abuse Prevention Program
DAPP is a short-term intervention program aimed to promote positive family relationships and reduce interpersonal conflict.  Both parents and young adults participate in sessions tailored to their family role and the programs are delivered by local child and family advocacy agencies including CAPA.

Each group is presented with effective methods and skills to increase productive resolutions for all family members. To practice applying these strategies, individuals take part in a number of role-playing situations depicting realistic struggles any family may encounter with each followed by whole group discussions to analyzing techniques used and offer helpful feedback and suggestions.

The purpose and goal is to instill all participants with appropriate practices of their family role and encourage respectful communication to enhance responsible choices that increase chances for a successful future.

Professional Development

Mandated Reporter is a presentation for professionals who are required by law to report child abuse and neglect.  This presentation is also good for individuals who want to know more information about child abuse and neglect.  Through the PowerPoint presentation and handouts, participants will learn about the different types of child abuse and neglect and the most common signs.  Participants will also learn how to handle a child disclosing abuse or neglect to them: how to react, who to report to, and what laws apply to them.  This presentation is about one hour in length.

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