South Carolina Heart Gallery

Founded in New Mexico in 2001, the Heart Gallery is a national project that uses the power of photography to find homes for children lingering in foster care. More than 100 groups in 48 states provide public awareness of the need for adoptive families and more importantly help find permanent families for individual children. Families are moved by the beauty and uniqueness of each child as revealed in the portraits. As a direct result, many children have been adopted. Heart Gallery photographers present the children in a way that a description alone never could!

Formed in 2005, the South Carolina Heart Gallery is a collaborative program administered and supported by the Children’s Foster Care Review Board – Office of the Governor and the South Carolina Department of Social Services. This unique partnership enhances adoption recruitment opportunities for waiting children. Local photographers donate their services to provide portraits of the children, which are displayed in public venues around the state.

Click here to view the South Carolina Heart Gallery

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