Our Mission

The Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA) exists to break the destructive cycle of child abuse and neglect by equipping parents, children and their caregivers with necessary skills, knowledge and values.

Our Vision

All children deserve to be loved, nurtured and kept safe from intentional and unintentional harm.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Excellence: Commitment to meeting and exceeding industry standards through maintained accreditation and overall performance improvement.
  • Ethics: Ensure the highest ethical standards are sustained in our care of children, delivery of programs, goods and services, rapport with parents, and operations of CAPA.
  • Protection: Provide a protective safe residential home for children who must be separated from their families due to allegations of child abuse and/or neglect.
  • Education: Continually provide opportunities to equip parents, children and the community in the prevention of child abuse and neglect through a quality integrated system of support, education, services, and advocacy.
  • Privacy: Secure the privacy of all children and families.
  • Professional development: Maintain staff professional skills through training and education.
  • Sustainability: Committed board, staff, and stakeholders that ensure the long-term financial strength, viability, and growth needed to meet the agency’s goals.